My friend,

Descriptions of life paths and stories, in my opinion, often overshadow the more important details of where someone is, why they’re there, and where they’re going.
Important details may just include extraordinary parents who exposed me to art and music at an early age in a small town in the mountains of Colorado. From there on out persistence has opened up the path before me. I never had a “formal” art education but choose instead to learn from those I admire and strive to comprehend.
In regards to my paintings, they are the product of a process. The curing of the oil, the grinding of the pigment, the evolution of the subject; it all builds to a crescendo with me as maestro buffeting upon the unforeseen.
Northern New Mexico is currently my home. A second story studio is where I work. It seems to be a town that never runs out of feed for me. Love, heartbreak, joy, and sadness lie around every corner.
These few words may not answer all of your questions, but that is okay. I can speak better in pictures than I can in words.
so please, view.

With hope,
E.L. Walters